On the Go

On The Go
The red phone booths, like this one in Edinburgh, Scotland, still work. There’s a phone in there. But who uses a phone booth anymore in this age of cell phones? Who has change? (They don't take plastic.) Still, the tourists like to have their pictures made with them.

Much of my life in the past decade has been spent on airplanes, in the cattle-car, chew-on-your-knees seats, hopping back and forth across the Atlantic between the U.S. and Europe. My husband Tom took over supervision of Young Life in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Scandinavia in 2006 and that's when the grand rumbas began.

Until then, I didn't even have a passport. Now I am spending my golden years in a queue at British immigration.

We lived in England for six years and international living added depth and breadth to my writing, though not in the kind of overt way you might expect. No charming castles or exotic locations in my novels, just a greater understanding of the commonality of human experience. Love, pain, courage and hope, they're the same everywhere.

I just wish traveling were as glamorous as it looks in the movies. I love the people we serve in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway, and Sweden. I love the countries, too. I love being there. But getting there, not so much.

One of the perks of all that traveling for a former journalist is a world of photo ops. I have more than 10,000 pictures in IPhoto on my computer. I took 95 percent of them. Consequently, I'm in only a handful.  Judging by my photos, it looks like I stayed home.


"Oh, and about the 9 and the e beside my name. Say it fast, emphasis on the 9. That’s how you pronounce my first name -9e. (Think “rhymes with tiny and shiny, NOT with skinny and penny.”)

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I have soooo many stories I want to tell you, so many worlds I want you to see, so many people I want you to meet. People in trouble, most of them. Big trouble they didn't ask for but there it is. Ordinary folks like you and me who are forced by circumstances to fight for their lives. And then, smack in the middle of their everyday worlds they encounter the unexplainable. It's always the game-changer.

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