The Deceiving: Book Two of The Knowing Trilogy

The Deceiving: Book Two of The Knowing Trilogy


A soulless EVIL as old as the skeleton of the universe--IS BACK!

 More horrifying than any Hollywood-animated, computer-generated, mechanical unreality, this winged demon called an efreet has had twenty six years to plan his revenge.

And an efreet will do anything to get what he wants. Pronounce that: An-y-thing!


Defeated in 1985 by three twelve-year-olds, the monster returned determined to kill them. In the first book of the trilogy, he sent five demon-possessed men to murder Jack Carpenter, Becca Hawkins and Daniel Burke—the now-adult twelve-year olds whose memories of that childhood summer have been erased. Against all odds, the three escaped and survived—only to discover that the man possessed by the efreet has been nominated to fill a vacancy on the United States Supreme Court.


In The Deceiving, Book Two of The Knowing trilogy, the efreet has changed his tactics. He doesn’t try to kill the three who defeated him. In “less time than it takes to cook a pot roast” he totally devastates their lives instead—as payback, and to keep them too busy to oppose his court nomination. And the monster has even more horrifying plans than any of them could possibly imagine.

In parallel storylines, the three twelve-year-olds battle the efreet during the summer of 1985 and their adult counterparts fight to keep a demon-possessed man from sitting on the highest court of the land in 2011. 


The Deceiving is a heart-racing, page-turning paranormal suspense novel about ordinary people like you and me who don’t want to believe that angels and demons, monsters from hell, walk the earth among us every day. But they have no choice--because it’s true. If you enjoy a hard-hitting story with themes that will challenge what you believe about yourself, about life and reality, about good and evil and the whole nature of the universe, this book is for you.

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