Some secrets won't
stay buried with the dead.
Not even under a mountain.  

     Twenty-seven men died when the Harlan #7 Coal Mine exploded in 1981. Only two miners made it out alive. But the survivors harbored horrifying secrets about the part they played in another tragedy that happened deep in the guts of the mountain that day AFTER the explosion.

     Guilt and shame over what he did drove Will Gribbins into a whiskey bottle and left him a homeless, under-a-bridge drunk for two decades. Now, he has come home to the mountains for the memorial service on the twentieth anniversary of the disaster, determined to confess what he did. Seeking impossible forgiveness.

     But instead of atonement, his arrival lights a fuse of retribution and insanity he could never have foreseen, a madness that will explode in a disaster far worse than the first. And this time it won’t be an accident. This time, it will be murder.

     When the fate of a crew of innocent miners is again placed in his hands, is Will man enough to save them--even if it means he must face the horror he's been running away from all these years? Or must he finally pay the debt of his betrayal— buried alive in a mile-deep hole, gasping for breath in the dark until there’s no air left?   




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Suspense Author Ninie Hammon talks about her novel Black Sunshine


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