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Posted: February 10, 2017, 2:00AM





                                  SCENE ONE

                   What happened to Bishop in Vietnam?

What Happened to Bishop in Vietnam? Removed from The Knowing, this is a singularly chilling scene, maybe the spookiest message in all three books.


                                  SCENE TWO

                      Jack shoots an unarmed man

This scene was cut from The Deceiving and it includes the other scenes that would have followed that plotline. 


                                 SCENE THREE

                What happened to Isaac Washington?

Isaac Washington's death is mentioned in all three books, but the how and why of it was a scene that was removed from The Reckoning.




          They haven’t drunk much at all—maybe four or five shots each—when the world goes wonky on them. Jack gets up to go outside to relieve himself and he has trouble standing. He staggers a little and Daniel bursts out laughing. Then it strikes Jack funny, too, and before he knows it, he’s back on the floor again, rolling around in the hay, laughing hysterically. Now that they’ve started laughing, they can’t seem to stop.

          “My lips are numb,” Daniel says. “Are yours?”

           Jack nods.

           “Rats. Guess we’ll have to skip the kiss goodnight.”

           Jack almost wets himself.

         They figure out that they’ve gone too far, of course, and stop drinking immediately, but it’s too late by then. They sit side by side in the hay, alternating between hysterical laughter and deep, profound discussions—though later Jack can’t remember the subject of any of them.

         At some point, Jack opens his eyes and realizes he has dozed off. Daniel is asleep on the hay beside him, but when he tries to rouse him, Daniel remains as flaccid as a rag doll. It dawns on Jack slowly that he’ll never get Daniel on the back of his bicycle and pedal all the way home. Shoot, he probably couldn’t make it home by himself even without Daniel on the back. They can’t walk home—it’s too cold and too far and they’re both so unsteady on their feet they’d fall down and then lie there until they froze to death. And they have to get back. Daniel’s father is picking him up at Jack’s promptly at nine in the morning to go to church.

         Jack tries unsuccessfully to wake Daniel again, then has an absolutely brilliant idea. He’ll call Isaac Washington and ask him to come get them and take them home! Becca has often described how she climbs out a window with a broken latch in the laundry room of her house in an effort to stay “out of sight, out of mind” when her father’s home. The laundry room’s next to the kitchen and there’s a phone on the kitchen wall.

         Though Jack makes it into the house through the window without mishap, his feet get tangled up and he trips over a small metal trashcan the housekeeper uses for the lint she cleans out of the trap in the dryer. It seems to make an awful racket. Jack freezes. Waits. Nothing happens. Slowly, he relaxes. The kitchen is lit by the splash of the lights on the driveway through the windows. Jack tiptoes across the room, past puddles of blackness where the kitchen opens through archways into the den, the dining room and the hallway. He stumbles against a chair in the breakfast nook but grabs it before it can make more than a little scratching sound. It takes him three tries to get the number right.

         “Isaac? Is that you?” 

          "Jack? Why are you calling so late? Is something wrong?”

         “Nope, nothing’s wrong. Everything’s just peachy.”


         “But I need a teeny, tiny little favor.”

         “You sound…Jack, are you drunk?”

         “No. I’m not drunk. Just a little tipsy is all.” Jack can’t stifle a giggle.

         “You’re drunk. Where are you?”

         “Daniel and I went out into the barn behind Becca’s house and had a little whisky, that’s all.”

         “You’re calling from Billy Ray Hawkins’ house?”

         “S’okay, s’okay…he doesn’t know I’m here.”

         “Jack, you’ve got to get out of there. Do you have any idea how dangerous that man—?”

         “Me and Daniel rode my bike here. But I don’t think we could ride it back to my house. Can you…come get us? Please?”

         “I’ll be there as fast as I can. Now, hang up the phone and get out of that house!”

         “Don’t tell anybody where you’re going.”

         “I won’t.”


         “I promise I won’t tell a soul where I’m going.”

          Apparently, Isaac had kept his promise. He hadn’t told a soul where he was going. And for the next twenty-six years, Jack never told a soul about that night either. 



Ruth Davis February 10, 2017, 12:44AM

I'm really looking forward to reading the 3rd book and also finding out what did happen to Isaac!   Reply

Replies (1)

Russell Fraley February 11, 2017, 8:28AM

Sounds very interesting I like suspence thanks   Reply

Replies (1)

Joanna Pedagno February 11, 2017, 10:23AM

One was riveting. Two was nail biting, sit on the edge of your seat great.
"Knowing" that Three will blow us away. Write on, Ninie, write on.   Reply

Replies (1)

Carol Scheid February 11, 2017, 10:43PM

Well, if this is an insert of the book, why do I have to wait till the end of February to read the whole book. It sure sounds mysterious, and a bit troubling. Surely am anxious to read the original book.

Replies (1)

Altamese "Nikki" Akiva February 11, 2017, 1:54AM

Oh, Ninie!!!!! This is your typical "drive me crazy with anticipation" stuff!!! I just noticed that I was holding my breath! LOL It's wonderful!!! Can't wait!!!   Reply

Replies (1)

Reba February 13, 2017, 1:11AM

9e, you've teased me too much already! I am so looking forward to The Reckoning!    Reply

Replies (1)

Morag Heywood February 28, 2017, 4:07PM

Loved the additional content bonus, "what really happened to Isaac" seems forever in coming, but WOW now I can find out. Thank you Ninie for all your hard work!!   Reply

Replies (1)

Tom March 4, 2017, 10:18PM

Great reads! Stumbled across your works in Amazon and Kindle. Now a fervent fan of all "Nine e" books. When I have to pause, it is like a blasted commercial in the middle of a movie, so annoying.

Keep up the fantastic stories!   Reply

Replies (1)

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