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9e's Kitchen Table

Posted: January 8, 2016, 11:39PM

I've started a Facebook group and I would love for you to join.

It’s not a page, it’s a group. I call it "9e’s Kitchen Table" because that’s how I see it in my head—a place where I can sit down with you and chat, well, virtual chat—and you can talk to me and to each other about my books.

You’ll have to help me out, of course, imagine with me. Picture a table that still has pink stains where my granddaughter thought it’d be a plan to draw a smiley face with fingernail polish. I have cups that match, but we won’t use those. Mugs are better. My minion friend greets me every morning and makes me smile. So do mugs with sayings on them like: “If you don’t like reading you’re doing it wrong,” and “Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.” Sadly, the group will have to be BYOC, Bring Your Own Coffee. (My coffee tastes like Drano.) I’ll heat up some green tea for myself in the minion cup in the microwave and put out a plate of fresh-baked cookies if I have them…which I won’t. Let’s just admit right up front you’ll be getting Oreos. Then we can TALK.

That part in the very first email I sent to you where I said I love to connect with readers…I meant that part. I have been having such a good time SKYPING into book club meetings in the last month that it made me itch for a way to meet ALL of you, which isn’t going to happen, of course, but this group is as close as I can get. I‘ll pop onto the page at least once a day. (Unless the day's writing didn't go well and you wouldn't want to see me then.) I'll answer questions and talk about my books. More important, you can interact with each other. You guys are more interesting than I am anyway.  

There’s just one more thing we need to get straight here. An author friend asked if 9e’s Kitchen Table was going to be an online fan club and I said nope, absolutely not. The first time I got an email from someone who identified themselves as “one of your biggest fans” I felt like I ought to be on a stage in Vegas in tight black leather wailing unintelligible lyrics you really don’t want to understand and handing out autographs to groupies. Naaaa, think I’ll pass on that. I don’t do “fans.” I do “readers” and “friends” and you are cordially invited to 9e’s Kitchen Table to be either or both.

Write on!


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