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If you’re here, you’ve either read one of my books, or are thinking about reading one of my books … or your browser blew a gasket and you landed here after you typed “seven-toed tree frogs” into Google. However you got here, I hope you’ll hang out for a time so we can get to know each other through my blog and your comments. (The tree frogs aren't going anywhere.)

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The Reckoning special BONUS contains exclusive material

         Stephen King advises writer wannabes to “kill your darlings.”        No, the bestselling horror writer and acknowledged master of English prose is not telling fledgling authors to commit murder. He’s describing how ruthless a writer must be in the editing process, hacking out anything that ...more

#2 Sneak Peek at The Knowing, Book Three

 The Knowing is a trilogy--three books that tell a  single storythat's too big to tell in one.  (This is the second exclusive sneak peek I've provided at The Knowing: Book Three manuscript. If you haven't had a chance to read the first one yet, you'll find it here)   You only need a ...more

#1 Sneak Peek at The Knowing, Book Three

 The Knowing is a trilogy--three books that tell a  single storythat's too big to tell in one.    You only need a little set-up to know what’s going on. Three children in Bradford's Ridge, Kentucky, know where to find a monster demon that's hiding somewhere in the labyrinth of caves and caverns that lie ...more

VOTE for your favorite BookBub ad

Yo 9e's Kitchen Table Person: Please put in the comments section at the end of this post the number of the ad you prefer. Remember, don't overthink it. I want the reaction you'd have if you came upon the ad the end of your BookBub email for the day--which of these three ...more

Sneak Peek #2 of The Knowing, Book Two

Excerpt from THE KNOWING: BOOK TWO "Miss Minnie and Mr Gerald"                 The Knowing is a trilogy--three books that tell a single story that's too big to tell in one. It's not a series, a saga where the characters continue in book after book. Instead, it is one big story with ...more

Sneak Peek of The Knowing, Book Two

           Excerpt from THE KNOWING: BOOK TWO "Where's Becca?"   That's what the demons wanted to know. They sent a shooter into an elementary school to find out. They attacked a dying man in a hospital, chased a police officer through burning warehouses and killed Emily Burke--all to find out the answer to ...more

9e's Kitchen Table

I've started a Facebook group and I would love for you to join. It’s not a page, it’s a group. I call it "9e’s Kitchen Table" because that’s how I see it in my head—a place where I can sit down with you and chat, well, virtual chat—and you can talk to me ...more

A Popcorn String Christmas Story

     The spaces between the yellowed kernels get bigger every year where the knots of popcorn have crumbled away. The cotton sewing thread grows more and more fragile. But then we weren't making anything to last the Christmas three decades ago. Just popcorn strings, decorations to hang on the ...more

Another massacre like Sandy Hook almost happened

I believe it's time for me to share this story. The parents of the children massacred in Sandy Hook Elementary School in December, 2012, had no idea their little ones were in danger, but neither did the parents of children in a South Carolina elementary school seven years ago. Those unsuspecting parents never ...more

Sneak Preview #2 of THE KNOWING, Book One

 You only need a little set-up so what you’re about to read will make sense.        As the book progresses, some of the main characters discover that the demons terrorizing them have roots in their past. There’s a connection between what’s going on now and what happened during the summer when ...more

What REALLY happened in the mine that day?

Black Sunshine is my favorite book. Please don't tell the other books. There's soooo much sibling rivalry.          At least, today Black Sunshine my favorite book because I just got a call from the ex-coal miner who is the reason every coal mining detail in the book is absolutely ...more

Sneak Preview Chapter of THE KNOWING, Book One

EXCERPTTHE KNOWING: BOOK ONE   *UPDATED*          When I wrote this blog post, I was sharing an excerpt from an UNPUBLISHED book. The book was published Nov. 14, so this excerpt no longer qualifies for "unpublished" status. Authors constantly change what they're working on. We edit, re-write and rearrange text, shining and ...more

New book, first draft--DONE. Boo-ya!

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood,but against the rulers, againstthe authorities, against the powers of this dark world.The BibleEphesians 6:12   There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy. William Shakespeare   The Devil went down to Georgia, lookin’ for a soul to steal.Charlie Daniels       ...more

A Memory Closet Memory

    Where Did The Story Come From?  Part II I wrote The Memory Closet because I was angry. No, hurt. Actually—both. Toss in some self pity with a pinch of gripe, bake at 375 until it’s crispy on the outside but still soft and mewling on the inside and serve with a ...more


            I have a picture of you on my desk. Of YOU. No, really, I do.            If I didn’t, I wouldn’t even be able to write this blog post, let alone a book. It was that way for the decades I wrote a newspaper ...more

The Best Stocking Stuffer is Invisible

I LOVE Christmas. I hate shopping. Can't get much more basic than that. I've never liked shopping--ever. Left to my own devices, I suppose I'd still be wearing the bell-bottoms I bought back in...whenever they were in style the first  time...and driving the Buick I got for high school graduation. Actually, I wouldn’t ...more


Yippppppeeeeee! If you have a drum handy, right now would be a good time to start beating it. (Doesn’t everybody have a drum lying around for just such occasions as this?) What’s happened is a big deal in every novelist’s life but it’s particularly large in mine. So start that drum roll….louder…louder…big ...more

Where Did The Story Come From?

                    #1 HOME GROWN           It has a dumb name, but it’s a cool festival nonetheless. It’s called Ham Days. (Pausing here to let you laugh.) It’s held on the last weekend in September every year in Marion ...more

Welcome to my NEW WEBSITE!

                 WELCOME TO MY NEW DIGS!           I have a new website. But you knew that—if you’re reading these words, then I’m telling a fish, “Hey, dude, look around. You’re in water.”          To those of you who are first-time visitors to 9e’s ...more


"Oh, and about the 9 and the e beside my name. Say it fast, emphasis on the 9. That’s how you pronounce my first name -9e. (Think “rhymes with tiny and shiny, NOT with skinny and penny.”)

Suspense Author

I have soooo many stories I want to tell you, so many worlds I want you to see, so many people I want you to meet. People in trouble, most of them. Big trouble they didn't ask for but there it is. Ordinary folks like you and me who are forced by circumstances to fight for their lives. And then, smack in the middle of their everyday worlds they encounter the unexplainable. It's always the game-changer.

Welcome to my world. If you'd like to know more about me, I'm easy. Click on Meet Ninie and you'll see. My life isn't really an open book; it's more of a pamphlet, and you are cordially invited to read it. I'd love to interact with you on Twitter, Facebook Fan page, and Goodreads. Or come visit with me at 9e's Kitchen Table, a Facebook group where readers and I hang out. I think you'd like it.