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Popcorn String Christmas tradition

Posted: December 11, 2016, 5:31PM

It's likely that a fair number of the people reading these words are experiencing post-NaNoWriMo flashbacks, recognizable by uncontrollable bouts of splitting infinitives and seizures in which you roll on the floor crossing out every third tile in red ink.

Even those of us who didn't try to write a novel in a month routinely try to write one during every spare sliver of down time we can scrounge, doing the math in our heads: the cake doesn't come out of the oven for 35 minutes--that gives me 33 minutes to write. And that's glorious! How else would we ever get those words on the page when we're juggling a job, cooking/cleaning/laundry and taking the pet aardvark to the vet. I get it. I do.

But hold onto your shorts, Mildred, I'm about to say something heretical:  there might possibly be something in life more important than writing.

Folks, it's Christmas. How many of those do you figure you have left? Fifty? Twenty-five? How many while the kids still believe in Santa Claus? How many while your parents still remember who you are? I don't know about you, but I don't want to be the writer who looks up from her laptop one day to see that the rest of life has passed me by and I missed it.

My novel's not going anywhere. It'll be waiting for me after I help put the popcorn strings on the tree. The spaces between the yellowed kernels get bigger every year and I often wonder why we used red thread. It shows up so bright where the knots of popcorn have crumbled away. Of course, we never dreamed at the time it would matter. We weren't making anything to last, just decorations to hang on the tree that Christmas and then throw away. The popcorn strings were temporary. Just like the lives of those who made them.


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