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I spent decades upon decades writing every day and I figured out some things along the way about the process. I’m certainly no expert, but I think I can save other writers a lot of trial-and-error time by sharing what I learned.  It’s a way to “pay it forward.”

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Popcorn String Christmas tradition

It's likely that a fair number of the people reading these words are experiencing post-NaNoWriMo flashbacks, recognizable by uncontrollable bouts of splitting infinitives and seizures in which you roll on the floor crossing out every third tile in red ink.Even those of us who didn't try to write a novel ...more

One Simple, Easy Way to Promote a Book

A NEWBIE'S GUIDE: NOVEL MARKETING FOR DUMMIES PART 4 If you can manage to make it all the way to the end of this blog post, I have some GOOD NEWS for you. But first a bit of a review of Driftwood Marketing. When I first started to study how to sell ...more

Welcome to my NEW WEBSITE!

               WELCOME TO MY NEW DIGS!                   I have a new website. But you knew that—if you’re reading these words, then I’m telling a fish, “Hey, dude, look around. You’re in water.          To those of you who are first-time ...more

Ranked #1 on Amazon Kindle Top 100 List! (So What?)

  I have to write this REALLY fast. Please pardon hte typos; don’t have time to edit. Things change QUICK on Amazon and I have to post this while it’s still true.   In the newspaper business, we used to call stories like this a “Hey Martha.” That’s defined as: a story so ...more

Five Days in May wins Mom’s Choice Award

May I have a drum roll, please? A little louder…building …. louder… now a final Boom! And in the silence that follows, a small voice says: …uh…did I tell you guys that my inspirational suspense novel Five Days in May JUST WON A 2014 MOM’S CHOICE AWARD! See me bust out in the Ninie ...more

Three ways to lead Amazon search bots to YOUR book

A NEWBIE’S GUIDE: NOVEL MARKETING FOR DUMMIES PART 3 Whenever my husband and I have time to kill in London, we pop up out of the Knight’s Bridge Tube Station (like prairie dogs checking for coyotes) and step beneath the big green awnings of what is arguably the world’s most famous department ...more

Two Things You MUST Get Right: Categories and Keywords

 A NEWBIE’S GUIDE: NOVEL MARKETING FOR DUMMIES PART 4   You spend hours thumbing through the catalogue and finally find a picture of exactly what you want—a pink dress with orange stripes and no sleeves in a size 8. So you flip to the order page. But the dress isn't there. In fact, you ...more

The One Thing You Have to Get Right To Sell Your Book

A NEWBIE’S GUIDE: NOVEL MARKETING FOR DUMMIES PART 3 A man sits down on an airplane beside a stunningly beautiful young woman and knows instantly they were made for each other. “So tell me,” he asks, “what kind of men do you like?” “I’m very attracted to native American men,” the bombshell gushes, ...more

Driftwood Marketing: A Newbie's Guide to Selling Books

 A NEWBIE'S GUIDE: NOVEL MARKETING FOR DUMMIES PART 2 In last week's post, I said that what I’ve dubbed “Driftwood Marketing” is a method of chopping book marketing into bite-sized pieces. Don’t believe it. I lied. Unless your mouth opens wider than the San Andreas Fault, none of these pieces ...more

A Newbie's Guide: Novel Marketing for Dummies

Shortly before Thanksgiving, I swallowed hard, put on my big boy pants and offered to purchase from my publisher the rights to all seven of my novels. They weren’t selling as well as I believed they could and I was frustrated with the publishing company’s method of marketing them. I ...more

Stephen King's Pet Sematary: A Textbook on Creating Suspense

TEN WAYS TO CREATE GUT-GNAWING SUSPENSE  #1 IN MINIATURE          Out on Route 15, a tanker truck droned by, one so big and long Louis couldn’t see his house across the road. Written on the side, just visible in the last light, was the word ORINCO.        “One ...more

Ten Ways to Create Gut-Gnawing Suspense

I checked the door - locked, just like it'd been the other four times I checked it - and with a final quick glance into the dark corners of the room, I crawled between the cold sheets, grateful for Aunt Margaret's assurance that I wouldn't be disturbed. "Don't you worry, ...more

There's ONLY ONE WAY to create unforgettable characters

TEN WAYS TO CREATE UNFORGETTABLE CHARACTERS  This is the final in a ten-week series about characterization. We’ve talked about all manner of techniques and skills but here, at the end of it, we need to get real. How do you create unforgettable characters? You might not like the answer to that ...more

One Critical Tip From Professional Gamblers Will Make Your Characters Unforgettable

You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away and know when to run.You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table. There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done. If these words don’t instantly conjure the image of a ...more

One Question: Answer It Well And Your Characters Will Be Unforgettable

TEN WAYS TO CREATE UNFORGETTABLE CHARACTERS #8 WHAT DOES HE WANT? To find Nemo. To save Jews. To go home to Kansas. To kill the great white whale. To destroy the ring. To catch the one-armed man. To get back to Andy’s Room. Every good story begins with a character ...more

Four Ways to Reveal Your Character's Personal Boogie Man

TEN WAYS TO CREATE UNFORGETTABLE CHARACTERS #7 FEARHer thoughts stopped spinning so abruptly they slammed into the back of each other like train cars crashing into a stalled engine.This wasn't about her! It never had been."That's just scared talkin'," Princess said aloud. Her husky voice sounded shaky, but she kept ...more

Three Ways to Use Thoughts to Create Unforgettable Characters

TEN WAYS TO CREATE UNFORGETTABLE CHARACTERS #6 THOUGHTS   “Have dinner with me and we can talk about what Karen said.”  I was too thunderstruck to speak. “My intentions are honorable. I’m not inviting you to go snipe hunting or cow tipping or back to my place to see my etchings.”Don’t do it! Make ...more

Three Ways to Use Dialogue to NAIL Great Characters

  TEN WAYS TO CREATE UNFORGETTABLE CHARACTERS  #5 DIALOGUE “One psycho with a nuke—that’s all it’s gonna take,” Steve said.“Armageddon, huh?” Andrew rolled his eyes. “You’re an idiot.”“Hey, no reason to get nasty,” said Jonathan. “You need to apologize.”“When pigs fly.”“Go on now, tell him you’re sorry.”“Bomb-Making for Dummies—that’s a website!" “Who appointed you ...more

Three powerful ways to use action to create memorable characters

  TEN WAYS TO CREATE UNFORGETTABLE CHARACTERS #4 ACTION True story. No, I’m serious, this really happened. Four teenage boys go to a crowded movie. The house lights dim. The movie begins and Roger, the dude farthest from the aisle, feels a call of nature. He stands  and edges down the ...more

The Three Best Ways To Physically Describe Your Characters

  TEN WAYS TO CREATE UNFORGETTABLE CHARACTERS   #3 PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION   “You had a visitor while you were out.” “Who? “Didn’t give her name.” “What’d she look like?” “She was about as tall as a five-foot, four-inch mop handle, with a windblown look—that look you get from standing outside in the wind. ...more


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